Kassandra Nicholson

A graduate gemologist, goldsmith and designer with formal training from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA and New York, NY, Kassandra Nicholson has been designing fine jewelry for thirteen years. After perfecting her craft as a bench jeweler for Fred Leighton in New York City, Nicholson began her own brand under the name Kassandra Nicholson Jewelry, through which she continues a thriving custom jewelry business with an established clientele and is now offering comprehensive collections for market.  Fueled by a belief that jewelry acts as emotional armor, shielding the wearer through life’s highs and lows and cultivating a power and energy from life’s journeys, Kassandra Nicholson is an intuitive and deeply conscious designer that is able to capture a person’s unique story in each of her stunning creations.

All pieces are hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY, and Venice, CA.